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Product and mainly retail packaging specialist company, obsessed with design and details to perfection. Even if we are based in many different continents around the world we retain the attitude of a family business able to understand and satisfy even the most complex requests from international and local clients.

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Luisa, Camilla and Antonio Dabrazzi in the year 2000 after a decennial experience in the packaging world, launched the DABRAZZI PACKAGING to meet the requests and the wishes of our global clients with commitment and passion.

DABRAZZI PACKAGING rapidly grew, increasing the number of its valuable and specialized employees. In the year 2005 we opened our new offices and showroom inspired by the architecture of the Manhattan lofts and in the same year we acquired three new warehouses to serve our idea of a state of the art logistic and to provide in the best possible way an efficient and rapid service to our clients.

In the year 2006 DABRAZZI PACKAGING opens a new branch in Hong Kong and a couple of years later inaugurates the operational headquarter based in Guangzhou, a WFOE company named after the founders initials LCA.

We acquired our new Italian headquarter in the year 2016 and after two years of important renewal work we moved there our offices, production line, warehouse and archive in order to offer, in the new generous spaces, an even more dedicated and efficient service to the ever-evolving needs of our clients together with an increased production capacity.

Today, all of us at DABRAZZI PACKAGING, work daily to find the best possible solutions to make every project a special project.

EN ISO 9001:2008

FSC® C111596

SA 8000


We traditionally take care about environment and the issues related to environment impact.

We obtained the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification that promote the responsible forest management; in this way we can guarantee our customers about the supplying of raw materials and the traceability of products along the entire supply chain.
FSC products available on request.

Our commitment is not restricted to the environment respect, but also involve the ethic and social ambits and specially the respect and the safeguard of workers together with the safety on work place.

The SA8000 and OHSAS45000 are on-going; the first one concerning the respect and tutelage of workers and the last one that aims at guaranteeing the safety on work place.

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Legal Address
Via Tagliaferri, 5 - 25126 Brescia Italy

Headquarter e Factory
Via Mandolossa 43/45 25030 Roncadelle (BS) Italy

Via Mattei 9 25060 Collebeato (BS) Italy

LCA ASIA LIMITED (100% subsidiary of Dabrazzi Packaging)
Unit 305-7, 3/F, Laford Centre, 838 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

LCA ASIA TRADING CO. LTD. (100% subsidiary of Dabrazzi Packaging)
Room 6023, No 24-36 Baoshi Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou


with the world

Our logistic configuration and network allows us to operate as an intermediate point of stock for our customers or, through our dedicated pick & pack service, to directly reach our customer points of sale all over in the world, providing this way a monitored service dedicated to most different and variable requests.

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Passionate about managment
Passionate about logistic
Passionate about clients
Passionate about products
Passionate about print
Passionate about design
Passionate about managment
Passionate about production
Passionate about ideas
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D&C SRL shapes its own activity through ethical principles and promotes values of life quality in respect of the environment and man.

D&C SRL has decided to develop and enforce a consistent corporate social responsibility policy in compliance to the international standard SA8000:2014.

D&C SRL agrees to accept and to be compliant to:
- to all requirements of the SA8000:2014 standard;
- to the conventions of the international labour organization (ILO);
- to the convention of the united nations on children's rights;
- to the universal declaration of human rights;
- to the convention of the united nations on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and all forms of racial discrimination;
- to the international agreement on civil and political rights and on economic, social and cultural rights;
- to all national and international relevant laws;
- to the behaviour standards incorporated within its company rules.

The introduction of a corporate social responsability system in the company sets as main goals:
- the prevention of situations detrimental to human rights;br> - the increase of motivation within the company and the supply chain;
- the diffucion of a social responsability culture through a permanent process of traininf, involvement and staff's responsibility;
- the rationalization of structure and procedures with a clear and balanced definition of tasks and responsibilities;
- the establishment of a positive, challenging and rewarding work environment in the company for the professional growth of the staff;
- the participation and contribution to solidarity/social initiatives;
- the commitment to make ethical values know to all stakeholders;
- the analysis of possible corporate social responsibility improvements through an accurate risk assessment carried out by the social performance team.

The company put effort into the respect of the principles provided by the corporate social responsibility system and in the cattying out of its own activities requires to its employees, collaborators and suppliers to respect the mandatory requirements regarding:
- child labour;
- voluntary employment;
- health and safety;
- freedom of association and right to collective negotiation;
- discrimination;
- disciplinary practices;
- working time;
- salary.

All staff in the company must:
- respect laws and business procudures and practices;
- work from continuous improvement in all business areas.

The corporate social responsibility policy is widespread inside the company through posting and publication in the website.